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New beginnings

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Tether me, woman. Lest I graze in the neighbors garden

Shackle me lest I wander in fields un-owned

Encircle me in the fence between your hips and heels,

For only then can these eyes see only you

Wrap me in the tentacles of your love

Treat me as your first born son, girl

May your smiling heart be what draws me home

Let it be the bed I lay my head to come each nightfall

Girth me, tight

Put a noose on my neck with your culinary

Imprison me with words that soothe the heart, lovely

Enslave me with acts of love for I want to belong. To you

Entomb me in the world of your passions

Lock me in the wonders of love making

Let mystery of your affection forever entice me home

The twinkle in your eye be my homing beacon

Give me space, woman, give me freedom

For there are a billion other I have to meet,

Even my conscience isn't always enjoined with my acts

But be strict with me, for lazing around I would graze around

Lets be more than partners, my woman

Let’s be equals but please subject to my flimsy manly ego

And thine thighs, as thy heart, - open up only to me

And only then can you reign me in. I am yours for the taking

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