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New beginnings

Saturday, October 27, 2012


Sheikh Rogo. A name on everyone's lips. Same as Omar Mwamwhatever, the MRC Leader. And almost everyone is up in arms at the death, or treatment, of this guys whose outfits, however genuine their concerns, are being addressed in the wrong ways.
I beg to ask, who knows the name of the officers injured or slain when a grenade was lobbed at them post Rogo's killing? Can someone give me a name of one
of the nine police officers murdered in the Tana delta squabbles? Is anyone concerned about the officer slain juzi when a grenade was lobbed at them as they apprehended terror suspects in Mombasa?
Countrymen, we are entertaining the proverbial snake into our households. When we ignore the lives of those who miss a wink to ensure we are safe and scream our hearts out at the bringing down of those targeting those we hold dear with explosive death, we must be watching too much CSI and NYPD. How the hell do you reason with an Eastlands gangster to put his gun down?
To all activists out there, get your act together. Like the hyena told a bone lodged in its throat, 'kaindi meruka, kuri indi ya itheru'. (Bone, please get swallowed, this is not the time to joke around)

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