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New beginnings

Thursday, December 6, 2012

let the roads lead where I walk safe regardless time.

Blot out the sun, dusk
Bring on the mask of conscience, night
By light gentlemen turn them into hunters by night
Wedding band displayed by day
Into pocket deep now hidden
Sniffing skirts, which by day demure
And in boardroom skirts suits dressed
Are ready to fall for a flirt, a stare, a glance.

World of lust, the loins yearn

Alike the hunter carrying an elephant heavy
Killed by greed when he stooped to add squirrel to his tally,
Man, let go that that urge for that smile that dimple,
That hair that shines black is horse by origin
That bottom is laden with additives,
That angel is laden with woes of the Pandora
Be content, like the uncircumcised boy who is ok
With roasting the testicles of the slaughtered family billy goat
Just like him, be content with what you have.

But I will be at the corner, watching, taking my poison
And will tell your tale tomorrow.
Blot out the sun, dusk
But let the roads lead where I walk safe regardless time.

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