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New beginnings

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The marriage proposal...

I knew she loved serene places, and having been to Baobab, Marimanti, I made a call to the manager and put forth my request.

From Mitheru we set off, passing through Chuka town to purchase some essentials.

I looked at my watch, two PM. We still had time to catch a cold one at Eco lodge, Kajuki, before we proceeded down to link with Mate road.

I looked at the woman tapping her foot to the beat of Plain White T's 1 2 3 4, and my heart did a flip.

She was the woman I was going to propose to. It was only natural, but what if she said no?

Arriving at Baobab late in the evening tired and dusty, we proceeded to our rented cottage where we spruced up.

I led her toward one of the bars set up high in the boulders to catch a perfect sunset, the softest of blues playing in the background as birds chirped and monkeys made faces at us from the gigantic baobab trees.

I gauged her mood; she was happy, and in her eyes I could see the promise of a wonderful night.

I made my move to propose, and went down on one knee......and fell off the sofa I had fallen asleep on. nkt!

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