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New beginnings

Monday, July 27, 2009


You are my companion my close friend
My solace, oft the source of solutions to my woes
My unwavering rock of refuge since baby days
Never has more a loyal lieutenant been found

As one for the other we slugged in countless losing childhood melees
In mischief sought and executed
Truancy, delinquency and constructive action we paired
Repercussion and commendation always was meted like we were one

Through tumultuous puberty and rocking teen years
We fought each other, loved others, drifted apart yet stayed close
Ever we had the other to heal emotional scars inflicted by others
Yet not once close as we came did we embrace in intimacy

College, work and maturity reared its head
You are the doctor I am the journalist
Often, in this twilight years of bachelorhood and spinsterhood
In this age of difficult partners do we turn to each other?

Lately, acceptance, - as the fact has always been a reality
It’s your embodiment I want to commend, which I covet
How to tell you hitherto my sister that of all wenches yours beauty all surpasses shocks me
How can I brooch the subject when even brooding on it I reprimand my private person, my thoughts?

At times I fear my all revealing eyes will let you into my secret
Or do you already know it, you whose mystic gift has always been discerning what ails my soul?
As, for sanity’s sake this need be soon settled, -do I send an emissary?
Or like Dickens Battle of life as Alfred to sweet Grace, just inquire when our nuptials should be?

Till I make my supplication love of my being
Let the handshake not linger, - it electrocutes me beyond a thousand volts
Hold not my gaze for an instant longer lest the plea in mine confuse you
Let the torturing hugs be brief or to my embrace I’ll lock you in eternity

Let’s meet only where the crowd is dense and jostling rules out getting personal
And in the meantime, change your phone number lest I call you in a drunken moment and bare my all
For all persuades me you are my life’s soul mate my friend
My confidant whom this intricate situation robs me the chance to seek your sound counsel

Were I to bare my heart to you, the lofty perch you hold would immortalize you!
With me, in me, you are beyond a spouse, a homemaker, beyond the mother of our loved children
You are the food that will feed my heart only with happiness and a sense of fulfillment
You are the deity’s model of how a woman can make a man the man

Your body, which I crave isn’t merely a sexual item or transport for children into the world
Sacred as the tabernacle
Constantly would I celebrate its perfection only in near ritual love making
While to your trusted heart mine being willingly surrendered for perfect safe keeping

Before the thought of us growing old bonded by a love Hollywood can t portray overtakes me
Before I equate this fixation with you to Juju
As I entreat raging passions to allow for a calm head
“Never procrastinate” I take heed of your words. Am on my way to sort this out, to alter all

1 comment:

  1. How true, the pain of words unspoken!

    Great piece MG.