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New beginnings

Monday, July 27, 2009


Look not further my dear child,
Seek no more, little one
There is more to be learnt in watching than retorting,
Much more better gained in thoughtful protest than violent conquest

Your elders say it’s not yet your time to eat,
Yet they scold you when you manifest signs of hunger
Now, anger gnaws at you every time you rue missed opportunities
It won’t be long before the panga you wielded at your brother turns against your hero.

They fuelled the rage in you to slaughter your innocent friends in the name of politics
Now they eat together while the bile of your actions eats you like acid
They have their forums to air grievances against what thy drove you into
You only have the whipping torments of your soul to keep you awake.

When they had you fight they swore the other was your greatest enemy
Yet today they share your grains and gasoline as you and your s stare starvation as a reality
Who is your brother, who is your keeper, common man?
Were the dubious politician not he who will lie to you again, I would say that man that you toil with is.

Ladies and gentlemen,
You that now say they won’t reach in to their pockets to for their votes to elect
Don’t let us down, I say lets flock the poling stations and teach this cheats a lesson
Let’s prove we can be paid but not bought by voting them all out and bring in Leaders, not rulers.

Let us as men reign over parliament,
Not for parliament to have its reigns heavy on our necks
Let it be it that is accountable to us
Not the autocratic body it has made itself

Brothers and sisters,
The ball has always been in your hands.

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