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New beginnings

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


With flying colors have you maintained your position at the top
Since the corruption index began you are at the helm rivals coming a distant second
“Innocents slain in cold blood” Newspapers daily scream of your dubious exploits
As Radios and TV’s hourly regale us with your horrific deeds
Utumishi kwa wote to all you strike a chord of raw fear

Special units from your ranks brutal beyond measure; Heinous
Fabricated evidence, planted ammunition your methods the apex of unorthodox
The traffic cop calls his Government Issue motor cycle his ATM
You in Black Marias only pacified when the hand is greased
Your road-block counterparts cheering on jalopies that hurtle to slay innocent Kenyans

Guns strung from your shoulders arrogantly you strut the earth only as knights of yore could
From law abiding establishment in your beat an envelope must surface
Your cruelty on Citizens, your employer, borders on the Nazi to Jew
“Kuja hapa” You are spoken of in ushered tones below a whisper

Yet something tells me you are all this and much more

Many a young widow grieves her husband slain in the line of duty
Many a mothers’ heart bleeds for her son felled by a thug’s bullet
I’ll equipped, meagerly paid, work wise overstretched
Oh you son of Kenya sent forth to battle hardened warriors of crime
Unappreciated by the common man the bull’s eye of robbers and favorite of tabloids

As we contently sleep in the fortresses we have built our houses into
Like a cursed spirit you roam the streets, oft unlit, ridding them off of criminals
Each day you set out to fight unseen lawbreakers whose target you are in your blue’
Each evening the toll of duty often a slain officer
How hard can one be driven to adopt indifference to society?

You stand sentry at banks that deny you entry for your funds are low
Simultaneously human rights organizations adage is your brother’s brutality any time you combat
Left right up down south north center to periphery your faults are sought and retold
We paint the devil you are darker than pitch
Its in our skewed minds your reputation is entrenched as stench

I know rampant crime would be chaos, Kenya anarchy without you
Often, your instinctive acts have rendered you protecting angels to many a Kenyan
Your response humane, commendable and mature when most have sought your help
Much as we malign you, you are our first thought when we are slighted
And your direction in arbitration and prosecution executed with precise professionalism

As officers we know you, we regard you, we portray you
Yet as fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, brothers, parents or friends or even relatives
Rarely, past your pass out parade does the thought you being that occur
Like the unknown, that which we don’t or fail to comprehend,
We can only adorn you with invective

I salute you, Mr. Officer
A bad apple doesn’t mean we fell the whole tree
Though, for now, the black sheep in your ranks outshines your darling acts
I acknowledge thee, Mr. Officer
I salute you, Sir!


  1. boss this is the kind of bold stuff we want kenyan to read and hear be our voice and fro real good stuff

  2. Thanks akams, this is the fuel I need on this journey I have to take alone b4 arriving at the destination of you having to read the stuff

  3. Great piece of work thea,,,