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New beginnings

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


He is the man who dreamt of a happy family
She is the love of his youth in whose eye he'd live forever
In the hey days he sent her country music love lyrics
Her hand embroidered perfumed Kerchiefs constant reminder of his hearts keeper

The days after college he urged her "love love me till I get a foothold"
Through her eyes she begged him believe her eternal love and she kept her word
He stood the rocking times tall as he had her holding his head up on high
She believed in him, for that was the basis of her every breath

His first paycheck meager peanuts a kings banquet they had of fries along Luthuli
Her smile shamed the bright sun her breast swelled in pride for her knight
Into his empty little room she moved in love was all they owned
The little abode was turned into a castle where love brew

Through pay rise and a solid home backing his career grew
Through contentment and a love child her girth grew
A larger salary his friends and tastes changed
Trough loving eyes she failed to notice her changing knight

Hints of his cheating she swept under the rug of love
Bolder his escapades grew for lack of rebuke
Her goal to make him a happy family man was pursued with zeal
His goal ended in providing for his Familys' material needs

Now, a sick derelict she stares at faded pictures of happier times
He lies in a grave that rarely lacks a lonely visitor whose promises he didn't keep
She lives with AIDS, the wracking cough telling her death looms near
He lives in her life through the love child whose taken to the streets, a CHOKORA.


  1. Dude!!!rock on man!!!never knew you were a poet!!i hope its yo own composition!!!keep it on the Low cus the same sword they Knight you with,they gon good knight you with n thats only half if they liked you...if you dnt beleive me ask micheal jackson...

  2. Thumbs up I love the poem its s gud and full of lessons....I really pity the young gal.

  3. Thanks to you all. soon, better things on the way, and I appreciate