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New beginnings

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Lord am labeled a pagan by religionists
They ring around me poking fingers seeing me the lost soul
Sneers greets me with shunning backs they welcome me
Yet Lord you alone I will let be my judge

By the Holy Book they pass sentence on my orthodox ways
Yet its the same book that cautions on passing edicts
Pastors rebuke such as I that refuse to enter the fold
But lack of conviction persuades me to keep apart

Only you Lord know my utmost belief in you
Only you Lord and I know the depths of my reverence for you
Only you God know I hold you above what human brains can conjure up
And because you my friend we talk and walk together every step of my life

I know your ways are above question
I know of your great love for us and only you know of my appreciation
I know I worship you the Right God for your deeds are ever righteous
And every living moment I marvel at the endless wonder creation is

I have seen Your hand in the deeds of strangers and friends
I have seen Your might in foes humbled and lowly lifted
I have seen Your Power in daily miracles performed
I know of your love in the serenity you confer in me and those that believe You

The sects slug each other to proclaim your name, Lord have mercy
In days of yore the sword spread your word before the gun took over
Your name is uttered when the devious cast their nets
Yet Lord, they call me a pagan for too believing in you.

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