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New beginnings

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


She strut’s the high life in high heels
Her look that of a sleek cat that knows contentment
Plush lifestyle is trademark
In the fashion and business pages she’s the one that’s made it

Her phones dialed list reads like who’s who in the country
In the highest circles of power her influence hardly absent
Her beck and call brings forth the best professional service
Her glittering smile the hallmark of a happy miss independent

Fashion dogs her footsteps,
Copycats follow her moves for new styles
The best is what she gives and expects in boardrooms
Exotic, imported, custom made, tailored to detail is her way of life

Yet behind the closed doors of her stately mansion
A mansion well guarded by the best of security
A mansion by day a flurry of activity as retinue of servants prepare her pleasures
A mansion by night she sits in teary eyed Kitty her cat her only companion

Her heart yearns for his strong caring arms that once made her his queen
Her ears strain for the cries of the child she sacrificed for success
She longs to lose herself into the whirl of love she once knew without abandon
But for now, she has to build a facade for love is unfeasible

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