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New beginnings

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Ouch coal
you been my friend for so long
Since them earliest memories we been together
But no we gotta part ways

At Mami's hearth you kept me busy stoking thee
Occasionally at grandma's your warmth have I sampled
But now you getting too hot
Warmth aint all I need we gotta part ways

Am not forgetting the delicious meals that have passed through your test
Neither am I rebuking your ability to make a drab meal warm and awesomely tasty
Nor am I saying I've outgrown your usefulness
Thing is am too dependent on you we gotta part ways

See, this used to be my best trouser till you jumped on it and wreaked havoc
And last week wasn't it my nephew howling after stepping on you?
What about the mo - phone that slipped into your midst instantly becoming junk?
No way coal, we gotta part ways pal

Mum came visiting she uttered my lovers nagging salutation
"Haiii, kwani hizi sufuria husuguagi?"
See, you gone made my pans so black they are invincible oh coal
Thats why I say we gotta part ways

This fores the Kenya fire brigade cant shake out
Who is the starter? after being around man for eternity you have a mind of your own!
Countless homeless, astronomical losses you damage yet no one sues you
Man, we gotta part ways

You been a friend in need indeed but your out of hand deeds are deep wounds indeed
Your actions are becoming too bold to put up with without reprimand
Just you wait till I find a better alternative to you fire'
Then we going part ways for ever!!

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