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New beginnings

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Little girl gaily playing in the dusty field
Looking so beautiful so full of life
The promise of womanhood shines from your doe eyes
So innocent so full of life as your flowered dress swirls in the wind!

It’s only a week to Dec holidays and you are in a party mood!
Mama” When will little Jesus be born?”, Your straight question innocence personified
As you slip the rope I see how you will make it through life’s hurdles
That’s only, if only! Let the prayer be!

I hear the dowry is negotiated
I hear at mere twelve you’re to be the sixth wife of this sixty plus grandpa
But first, the ceremony to mutilate the to mans entry to earth
Must first be performed at the village field by the village wag

Before the goats set foot in the kraal the world shall know
Before your hand by greed and custom hands you an atrocious fate
Before your top school grades are cut short by cruel custom
That the smiling hand of destiny can enable you to face the world an enabled woman

Why has modernity played you a blind eye little daughter of Ole Ntutu?
Alas! The government deals you a slight hand oh sub chief’s daughter
From the happy unknown they thwart your progress for a sad known
But I hear the likes of Priscilla Nangurai speed to your rescue, please let it be so!

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