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New beginnings

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


She was here the other day, in this country, the woman whom Lewinsky wasn't compe enough
She came with a retinue befitting the queens of yore
One million for her safety and upkeep we paid, in dollars, and much more,
Five million, the amount lost by locals in failed phone coverage, traffic jams and inaccessibility, in dollars

Then to out glee she rapped the mister, his prime minister and the boy at the top
But they thanked her profusely
When she pledged a billion, in Kenyan currency
This money, not only to help alleviate poverty but scale up our economic status

Figures like this; I’d go mad with rage if I knew the value of her visit
But it’s the bigwigs who know how to run the show
I belong to the retarded few that failed mathematics in high school
But something about the dollars and the shillings smells a rat, we lost

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