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New beginnings

Monday, April 12, 2010


I have danced to the Isukuti sounds in most back laid joints in the inner slums of Kawangare. I have drunk to the health of the landlord in the sprawling Embakassi Mabati’s. I have partaken an impromptu meal on the roadside with lime covered vijana wa mjengo. I have been to the holiest of sanctuaries our cathedrals can offer and I have been in the forbidden parts of one too many a holy forest.

I have shared a table with stars, - note not celebrities, in the most exquisite five stars establishments money can afford man. I have been with the good and the bad, the vain and the saint, the proud and the humble, and all this I have carried memories of you.

I have taken a journey to the deepest abyss of depression and my spirit has soared with the gods in celebration, in joy. I have known love and hate, freedom and jail, friendship and betrayal. I have wandered lost in the light of a bright sunny day and walked with intent and purpose in night’s dark as Erebus.

But like a shadow that I know is ever by my side you have always been with me in the thick of things and thin of stuff. Many a times it’s your hand that has lifted me from the path of the downtrodden and shoved me right back to the track of forward movement. All this you have done un- demanded of. To know that you care is enough to help me win the battles that life throws on my path.

Like a lost puppy you have shown me the path through gentle nudging and when it calls for, a sharp rebuke. I celebrate you all for the kind word, your awakening report, and your presence. This is for you all out there that really do give a damn about someone else.

If you have a friend, don’t hesitate to tell them that they mean a penny in your life, and then life will not be that hard, as life is really easy; it’s about breathing in and exhaling. It’s the choices that we make which make it easy or hard.

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