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New beginnings

Thursday, September 27, 2012


As first term Member of Parliament Nithi and assistant minister for Agriculture, Kareke Mbiuki’s tenure is a failure in delivery heightened only by gaffes. While the whole country is crying out for Waititu to face the law on charges ranging from incitement to murder charges, Kareke is the only MP seeing the innocent side of Waitutu's remarks that had fatal results. Great. 

Elected on a wave of change by presenting himself to the voters, mainly the youth, as a learned and youthful agent of change, -his election promises have been anything but met. On the ground, his projects, without debate whose cost have been exaggerated on the high, are an insult to his MBA in Strategic management background at the University. No wonder there, its the age of copy paste Wiki. Any human of average IQ and without literate credentials knows the forces that determine market forces are not just physical market structures; hawkers who swamp our Nairobi streets in the evenings would have great facilities and no customers if they were relocated to stalls in some remote parts of the country. His stalled stalls projects that cost a fertile pit of oil is a story for another day.

The basic purpose of power, wielded appropriately, is to bring service delivery to ones people. In the days of yore, leaders used to ensure their people were well fed and equipped before leading them in fights against perceived enemies or into distant lands. This, today, might be translated into uplifting the welfare of a people so they move from hunger, poverty and disease into the plane of self sustenance and creation of wealth.
As an assistant minister for Agriculture the last five years, Kareke has shown no such initiatives to propel his constituents forward. That tells you how much he has done for the people of Kenya. Basically, he lacks the fire in the belly to perform. With him holding that position, it’s a mark-time for Kenyans while time and matches by.  

If asking for evidence of a robust development record on the ground is too much for this honorable, on the argument that the CDF allocated to Nithi constituency, which has since been split into two constituencies, Maara and Chuka~Igambang’ombe is too has been too little to serve a vast constituency from these mortal man, look at his record in the august house.

The main role of members of parliament being to legislate laws, represent constituents, debate and pass budgets, oversight and making or unmaking the executive. Of this five critical roles, on a scale of one to ten, Kareke scores a zero.
Wait. While other legislators were busy checking the executive or going through the budget with a fine tooth comb, Kareke was busy handing out Uhuru’s hats at the Hague. We did not elect a representative to hawk hats at the international criminal court; we elected Kareke based on the credentials he presented to us, those of a manager with an economic degree and the suaveness of a young intellectual. Too bad, we failed to read the book from its cover. If defending the innocent until proven guilty, or guilty until proven innocent like Embakassi's Waititu is his cup of tea, let him enroll for law classes and stop buffoonery on national TV.

His political and gender sensitive gaffes too at the national level have exposed the constituency and constituents as a laughing stock, journalist with a twitch of humor and other wags carrying on where he dropped the bombshell of awarding five thousand shillings to any woman who bore a child in his constituency, those children being the ones to vote him in as the president come 2027. 

On his home turf affairs are not rosy as they ought be. Having sidelined the Chuka~Igambang’ombe side, which is a new constituency, Kareke has found it hard to sell the lie to Uhuru Kenyatta's TNA that he is the head honcho in the region. At a recent political rally in Chuka town, economic seat of Tharaka Nithi County, Uhuru had to intervene as Kareke was booed off the dais without uttering much as a greeting.
As a Master of Business Administration degree in Strategic Management degree holder, Kareke has failed in his strategies in Nithi. While sitting MP's are going for more lucratives posts, he knows even getting re-elected as MP is a tall task. The saddest loss, however, is for Kenyan’s and humanity as a whole when the so called young people rise to the stage of leadership and greedily put their interests before all else.


  1. Eric Mwenda NjoguFriday, November 16, 2012

    It's the 3rd time am reading this. Wish i had a way to unzip his skull and make this masterpiece stick in his cobwebbed brains. He's such a disgrace. Kudo's my brother for this expository piece. We are reading from the same script.

  2. Thank you for your elating comment, Eric. I too wish the dude would style up.

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