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New beginnings

Friday, October 5, 2012


Harrison Maitha, the bodyguard who died protecting Fisheries Minister Amason Kingi, first had his hands severed as he warded off Panga blows meant for Ministers head. He will forever be my hero, the man who did his job to the best of his abilities. He reminds me of my close friends in the various forces, with very young families and bright dreams and burning ambitions. In uniform or plainclothe, they are on duty when you are blissfully snoring while in happy dreamland. 
In the coldest of weathers or meanest drizzles they prowl our neighborhoods, watchful for that burglar who wants to break into your house and rudely interrupt as you make love to your woman.
It don’t matter that this gallant gentlemen are usually posted at the other end of the Country away from the comfort of their families and live in shacks that would be ashamed to stand amidst Kibera’s ramshackle’s.
It don’t matter that the public never does appreciate most of what they do, and heap all blame on them. When we overlap, we blame em for traffic snarl-ups. When we cause raucous in establishments and they though us in, we blame them. In our eyes, they are the personification of that which they fight, evil. How wrong…..ok, there are afew flies that spoil the broth.
It reminds me of a tribute coined ages back, (I salute you)

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  1. A glowing tribute to members of our society that we have so learnt to ignore.Nice piece.