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Friday, May 31, 2013

The Tom Cat is Male. Not a SHE

The world over, people have never fared great in domesticating the male cat. Where I come from, in a village wedged between Nkorongo and Nturu streams (and Kirimbu na Kathamba Ncici cutting along the village), the male cat is called Mpau.

It is how it operates that makes it a not soo good domestic worker; considering that for shelter, a cat is supposed to work to keep rats at a minimum.

Mpau will appear one morning and before your mum can fetch extra firehood, it finds itself led by the devil to drink the milk meant for breakfast, and when caught in the act, it spills the milk in the process of fleeing.

As if to teach the assailant a lesson, inaponyoka na kifaranga, runs into the bush and by midday it comes back, raids the dove coop and takes off again. Come evening, your neighbors are flocking your homestead, not for a meeting, but to protest that your tom cat either scratched their kid, blinded a chicken or took off with the larger part of meat the family takes on a monthly basis.

You set off to kill it, and it gives like five of the village champion dogs a proper licking, and before the hounds can realize whats up, the Mpau has taken of and they are fighting wenyewe kwa wenyewe..

The tomcat is not an animal you see often during the day, but you will hear it playing a brass band with the sufurias in the Kitchen, at night.

In due time, you will hear of its prowess as its impregnates cats, making those eerie sounds. It exhibits all the qualities of a man; night runner, Kibaragania, it. It appears only at meal time. It is a liability.

Generally, society tolerates men to exhibit such qualities, but when a woman exhibits such......she is doomed.

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