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New beginnings

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I accuse you
Accuse you of heinous trickery to ruin me
Of colluding to wreck all that's good for me
Ruining my chances whenever you can

Through your sweet allure I failed my date
Now am all alone in your comforting company
I lost my jealous girl for she couldn't stand you between us
Yet I never heard you complain when am with her

Double headed viper
I spent on you what the landlady I owed
Now you promise me endless cold nights
Even though you have helped me brave many cold a night

constant reliever of my sorrows
Daily looter of my pockets
So deft are you at eluding my evasion of you
I think I might just drown another pint of your brother

Time and again
You have been the fuel to senseless countless battles
Well, even though I lost most and drew a few
You have always confused me its been my fault, not yours

But then
There are times you've been the grease in strained relationships,
Helping us open up better than a shrink would
You come expensive, you schemer
Yet even the very poor afford you in advance

I accuse you before the highest courts of my land
I wont to take you to Njuri Ncheke for you are their first love
Neither will I take you to the priests, they pour thee as liberation
But I curse you oh pint my constant companion!

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