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New beginnings

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


This generation reminds one of the grizzly bear effect in the US, where tourists used to feed bears without restraint. Fearing the grizzlies would become used to handouts hence fore go and forget hunting, warders restricted tourists from feeding them. The warders fears were confounded. Not pleased with the sudden withdrawal of handouts, the bears angrily started attacking tourist who now only came to see them without bringing 'something'.

Closer home, Uganda had an untoward crisis a few years ago. Faced with the ravages a viciously spreading the Aids scourge , the government supported all initiatives geared toward combating its spread. Condom use was hailed as the best solution and gained popularity, seeing attaining abstinence in the African culture is akin to performing a miracle. You see, with a condom you can have your cake and eat it without fear of the worm catching on.

So successful was the condom drive that a whole generation, called the condom generation, came of age and got married. Problem is the condom drive was so the newly weds went on to use protection,full time, with their spouses. Birth rates got so low the country was faced with the certainty of extinction. Something had to be done, and fast. Counseling and other drives had to be undertaken to sell the idea to this young couples there was more to sex than just condomized pleasure.

Here at home, especially prevalent in the capital city Nairobi, is the diaper generation. Researchers are yet to give us the real figures but this new problem has cropped up, brought about by trendy living and embrace for the fab. Four year old blighters so potty ill trained, sorry, who have no pot training pee and poo on themselves with abandon. Having been brought up with the perfect absorption of the diaper coupled with clueless young mothers who have relegated maternal roles to adolescent house girls, a good number of this toddler generation is at a danger of growing up without knowing one has to visit a loo to pass some motions.

Talking of motions, the honorable's that pass motions are holed up in Naivasha, panel beating the constitution. That's good news, seeing they are agreeing on some issues but they are bound to fail because of a certain breed in Kenya. Weaned on opposition politics, this generation has got it in their bloodstream that nothing good can come from the government or its arms, and every draft constitution, commission or plan is to be opposed at all costs. It is a generation, like the bear, that fails to see beyond the freedom of the handout, fails to see beyond the risks of not using a condom the bliss of founding a family or the freedom to be had after ditching the constricting diaper. Its a generation that chooses to play the way it thinks it knows, without really knowing anything....

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