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New beginnings

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Words are expressions spoken
Acts uttered aloud
Interests audibly put

Words are feed for the soul
Softly spoke badly delivered they hurt
Well applied at the wrong moment they torment
Rightly delivered when they should heal

Words reach out to the base of the heart to uplift the soul
Words too reach to the bottom of the heart and wound the soul
Little words like I care, which I do, can change humanity
While long speeches can be torturous to the ears and change nothing

Words are the spices we enrich life with
And like salt to milk they are what we sour life with
Like garlic in soup they can make or break a great dish
And like sugar to coffee we can choose when to have or not have them

Words are the Mexican wave in a soccer game
They are ecstasy when from a well meaning source
Yet like poison to fish in a river
Words are the malignant cancer that eats away at societies

Words are the weapons that start and stop wars
Words are the gentle flutter of a lovers whisper like a tits wings
Yet words are the cruel actions of a heavy heart
Words are the cogs that launch development or derail it

They are actions spoken
Words are strings that unite nations and fell societies
They are the explanation of mysteries and codes to clarity
They are the clothes of night dark as Erebus and light of day too

Words are the adornments we elaborately adorn with
They are the best of fragrance from Solomon's garden or stinks from pits of hell
They are arrows shot from the killer archers bow
And still are the lovely quivers shot by cupids hand

Use your words sparingly and carefully!
They can make or break
With words you can lift or trample
All with a WORD.

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