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New beginnings

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


My craving
You are the favorite song on my ipod
The hit song I listen to on youtube
Oh you that is slim like the sleekiest Samsung

Sturdy and trusted like a Nokia
Ever and everywhere perfect like Zain network
Lovely like Safaricom adverts
Beautiful you are like the layout of a Standard newspaper

Your affection goose bumps me like the many Equity banks in Kenya
While whispers from you bring joy to me like King’ang’i and Maina
Yet it's my trust in you that supersedes that of Trust
While knowing my heart is safe with you like it would be in Barclay's vaults

My love,
Know you are here to stay like jams along Jogoo road
And everyday I’ll seek ways more than the shaky Eastland shacks to please you,
And unlike the coalition government, mine promises I will deliver

I will love you with more zeal than our MP’s have for money
I will ever seek they affection like politicians seek corrupt deals
I will always have a welcome smile for you like Wako
And protect you like Waititu does Embakassi’s public lands, hata kama ni kurusha mawe

My gifts for you will overflow like New KCC's milk
My eyes will only see not in doubles like Uhuru often sees
Our beefs and problems I’ll ensure will always disappear like primary school funds
While the fires in our hearts will burn forever like Sachangwan tragedies

My love, I will never waver like the political stands of Kalonzo
I will remember your birthday with clarity like the Wagalla massacre
If you ever walk away, I will solicit your attention like an aspiring MP
And with the speed of Patrick Njiru bring you to the altar

When times get tough we will have Deya or the Nakuru pastors to miracle for us
I will be persistent in loving you like Raila protecting the Mau
And if I ever wrong you, so you don’t find out, I will keep quite like Kibaki
Like vision 2030, that’s my promise to you, wait beside me and see it happen

Like Paul Tergat I will be the champion of your causes
And even if I don’t come close, then there will always be next time like Arsenal
I will carry you shoulder high like Khalwale is carried when his bulls win
This I will for you you skiza tune of my mobile

You make me a winner like the Shujaa seven a side team
You make me fly high like our national carrier KQ, with disappointments at times
But still you calm me like the cool Aberdare ranges waters
Its your flag like the one Munyao placed atop Mt. Kenya I will always shukisha,oops, peperusha!

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